annika siemsen

born in mexico city. flying dreams. moved to west coast canada at age 5. ballet. badminton. early writer. moved to saltspring island at 11. summer camp. boarding school. horse riding. rugby. journals. grade 13 in south of france. poetry. university of victoria. theater. pizza delivery girl. moved to new york city at 17. grove atlantic publishing internship. pseudo entertainment early social media girl. slam poet. studied acting at stella adler conservatory. took up screenwriting. waitressing. documenting. in 2000 moved back to go to vancouver film school. short films. animation. writing kids cartoons. summer in paris. bike riding. photography. travel. german norwegian roots investigation. vancouver. infinity features. film producer's assistant. imperative discoveries. waitressing. feature film writing. more imperative discoveries. became a script supervisor. found love on holiday. moved to brazil. continuity supervisor. moved back to vancouver. marriage. founded lighting architecture movement project. 2014 had a baby girl. more commercial script supervision and L A M P. 2016 moved with family to salt spring island, renovated an old farm house, had another baby girl, built a studio with husband architect jorgesiemsen.com. opened lovely little b&b called salty pear. loving life on salt spring, building community and continuing driving passion for writing & storied image creation.

photo by stasia garraway