Rain Collector. Choreographed by Dupuis Dance, Dancer Caitlin Brown, Shot & edited by ah.images Since 2013, Dupuis Dance and ah.images have collaborated to create choreographed moving visuals, abstract films and digital dance installations. This piece, Rain Collector, which started with Fox's choreography, asks what it would be like to live as a cloud? Incorporating the volumous, molo studio designed, softlight cloud pendant light fixture, the surreal culmination is a playful meditation on the water cycle. ah.images filmed this saunter with light hoping to distill its moments into its resounding optic vibrations. She played with the frame rate to quicken and slow the dancer, hoping to direct the viewers' attentions to delicate, glimmering incidents like a macro lens allows us to inspect the subtle intricacies of a raindrop. Original music created by Hauschka album Abandoned City song Pripyat