The purpose of this art project is to reflect on the stream of images we are fed daily via the internet. The web draws us out like a highway stretching our attention spans as we move through each of our days. Our mental receptors spin with images, like the arrivals and departures board in airports, clicking and clacking with each change, moving so fast at times that nothing registers. I felt Instagram would be the most appropriate place to explore this artistic regenerating of used thoughts and visual constructs. Considering what a beautiful tool it is for fulfilling a deeper connectivity of its users over other social media platforms. I am hoping this piece connects and resonates with its viewers. I take zero credit for any of the images represented in this feed. I have merely repurposed them with excessive filters and croppings to disguise their original qualities. I want them to speak of visual concepts over photographic excellence. I have taken all of the images off of the online platform via google image searches. I found the photos by generating searches from each corresponding phrase of "Down a Beat'n Path", a piece of poetic prose that I wrote when I was 17 years old and on my first solo road trip. I drove alone in January from Vancouver to San Francisco. Through Grant's Pass in a blizzard. I wrote this on my lap while driving. At 36 reflecting on this now I'm incredibly lucky to be alive. I could probably say that in reference to many things I've done. Personal details aside, this is a story that speaks to anyone, anywhere about any path they are on. And as you peruse this feed please consider the fleetingness of it all, of all of it. Each word, each image, each thought you have as a result. Meditate on the artistic resonance of just that. How each creative expression often comes down to the credit, the pay out, the ego. Our egos drive us down these roads that we hope will get us somewhere. With this I am going nowhere. I intend on attaining nothing but the expression itself. The credit is the universe's. I have tried to be respectful in this undertaking, and not blatantly taken a photo to which credit was attached. In my google searches I chose and am borrowing images to which no credit was attached where I found it. If anything here belongs to you, I do sincerely apologize and hope that you can forgive me for the sake of this statement. Down a Beat'n Path challenges us to revoke our egos and let go of control. The sea of images, the blaring lights we stare down for long portions of our days, the whirring pages passing under our fields of vision like wet pavement, all these metaphors combine to create a journey that sits in our minds more like a mood than any distinct memories. We will forgot the names of the people we met along the trip but the feelings, the fleeting sensations will keep a vivid path in our mental receptors beaten down. You will scroll down this feed and feel like you've been here before.